Content disclosure

As a technical writer, I'm exposed to various developer tools and services that attempt to make our lives as software and data professionals better and more efficient. I am proud to work with technology companies offering an excellent developer experience through their products or services.

Even when I receive compensation from a client for mentioning their product or service in my articles, it doesn't mean that this content is biased. I never recommend anything that hasn’t provided value for me.

When I see any drawbacks of a specific tool, I present them without sugar-coating anything to give you, as a reader, a full picture. I never treat any particular platform as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Some parts of my evaluation can be opinionated, but I do my best to distinguish between my opinion and hard facts, for which I always reference the source material.

Any opinion not based on hard facts and reference materials is entirely my own and not reflective of my employer or clients.